New manager of business development iQurrency

Automatically feeding up-to-date currency exchange rates into your accounts on a daily basis pays big dividends. It can be done with iQurrency, a handy tool. Gerard-Jan Bentvelzen talks about the simplicity of equal currency.

There are some two hundred different currencies worldwide. But iQurrency charges for them in the administration. Thus, in an instant, all currency differences disappear,. It doesn’t matter whether they are American dollars, Japanese yens, Swedish crowns or Turkish lira. Gerard-Jan Bentvelzen is putting iQurrency on the map in our country.

For companies and agencies working internationally, iQurrency is a wonderful solution. This way there are no more hurdles to overcome in international business. ‘I am really surprised that not many more companies are already using iQurrency,’ says the business development manager.

Among other things, accounting firms and companies get help in improving their administrations. ‘Many errors can be avoided if exchange rates can be processed automatically. Why also miss the opportunity to increase efficiency?
Moreover, the work can be made much more enjoyable by eliminating unnecessary manual operations.’

Gerard-Jan Bentvelzen has been active in the accountancy world for many years, previously as a commercial manager at Twinfield, among others. This is one of the accounting packages to which iQurrency can be linked. ‘My focus is always on digitization, and I keep a close eye on all developments. The term evangelist of innovation is perhaps a bit far, but it comes pretty close.’

‘It’s in my DNA to make complicated things understandable. Now iQurrency is not very complicated, but I like to show the benefits of it. It’s wonderful to show this solution from different angles and remove any bumps. If support is needed, I’ll help.

At iQurrency, a subsidiary of Van der Let & Partners in Heerenveen, Gerard-Jan Bentvelzen feels like a fish in the water. ‘In addition to a highly successful marketing and web development company, it is not surprising to also be successful in supporting companies and organizations. It’s a nice, cool assignment with ditto people.’