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iQurrency: user-friendly and cost-saving.

In conversation with Leandro Garcia; Client Director/Manager Finance Corporate Expansion Trustmoore about his experiences with iQurrency.  

Twinfield and iQurrency; a profitable combination

iQurrency has been working with Twinfield for more than 15 years and is a certified partner. In this article, Fred Wevers, Partner Manager at Wolters Kluwer (Twinfield), shares his experiences with iQurrency

iQurrency now also in the Exact Online App Store

Starting now, Exact customers in both the Netherlands, UK, Germany, America, Spain and France can experience the ease of use of iQurrency. Within 3 minutes, full integration of iQurrency into Exact will take place. As a result, you always have up-to-date currency rates in your accounts.

New manager of business development iQurrency

Automatically feeding up-to-date currency exchange rates into your accounts on a daily basis pays big dividends. It can be done with iQurrency, a handy tool. Gerard-Jan Bentvelzen talks about the simplicity of equal currency.

Historical quotes in iQurrency

In addition to iQurrency importing currency rates into administrations on a daily basis, iQurrency also offers the ability to easily add historical rates to the various administrations. This saves the user time and money and also provides retroactive insight and overview. This possibility makes it even more attractive to join at any time. The user pays the monthly fee for each month he wishes to import.