Twinfield and iQurrency; a profitable combination

At Twinfield we believe that routine activities can be automated. This prevents human errors that can arise from boredom. Converting currency rates is one such example. You have good software for that. Such as iQurrency, which can already be successfully linked to Twinfield Administration. iQurrency makes a measurable contribution to time savings, efficiency and job satisfaction.

It may take some getting used to no longer entrusting manual input and conversion to an Excel file. But once you do, you definitely won’t want to go back. iQurrency ensures that the prices are up to date every day and that human input errors are a thing of the past. In addition, iQurrency monitors changes in the financial markets worldwide. Such as the recent situation in Poland, where trading partners are obliged to use the rates of their own Polish National Bank (NBP) and set aside our usual ECB rates. iQurrency adjusts the exchange rates preventively and we do not have to worry about it.

The users of Twinfield accounting are satisfied when an upgrade is offered that really adds something. For users with international trading ambitions, iQurrency’s currency tool with around 200 rates is of significant added value.

Fred Wevers.
Partner manager Wolters Kluwer Tax; Accounting Nederland B.V.