Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarized the most asked questions about iQurrency.

Is your question not listed? Or would you like to contact us? Our support staff is ready. You can reach us on +31 (0)513 627 205, send an email to or fill in the contact form.

Your data is safe and actually located in the Netherlands. Security is key when it comes to financial data. We are fully committed to providing the highest level of protection. iQurrency has ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certification for this purpose. This ensures quality of service and information security in our processes. iQurrency is certified by Twinfield itself and screened by Exact based on an assessment.

Because iQurrency concerns financial data, the highest security standards are essential. Our systems are reliable and secure. To highlight this fact, we comply with the necessary and relevant certifications:

Twinfield certification
iQurrency is certified by Twinfield (Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting). Because it is a certified link, iQurrency is on Twinfield list of certified links.

Screening Exact

Exact does not have a certification process for such solutions. Exact bases their screening on an individual assessment. Before being permitted to link into the Exact environment, the vendor must have successfully completed this assessment. We successfully completed this assessment.


We control our processes based on ISO 9001 quality management. This enables us to systematically deliver services through a reliable process that meets our clients’ requirements and complies with relevant laws and regulations.


ISO-27001 demonstrates that our organisation meets both information security and privacy requirements. Information security risk measures have been implemented for iQurrency. These are reviewed on an ongoing basis and audited annually.

No installation and start-up fees are charged. There is no such cost because no programme needs to be installed. Activating and linking your accounting system into iQurrency is easily done internally by completing our user-friendly startup wizard. Because this precludes the need for any consultants or software, there are no installation and start-up fees.

Should you have any issues with implementing the link, our support staff will be happy to assist you – free of charge. Contact our support staff using this form or send an email to

You can test iQurrency by using the free trial period (1 month). If it does not meet your expectations, you may cancel without any charges.

Testing iQurrency is a very low-threshold process because:

  • There are no installation and start-up fees.
  • You can link your accounting system(s) within minutes;
  • The first month is free.

Get started right away Create your account

Payment for our services is based on direct debit authorisation on a monthly basis in arrears. Here you can choose from the following options/

  • SEPA transfer / SEPA direct debit
  • Credit card
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Cartes Bancaires
    • CartaSi

When starting a new account, you may use the service for free for one month. Subsequently, we charge the monthly fee. You may stop the service at any  time. You pay only for the period in which you use our services. So if you terminate the service halfway through a month then we also only collect a fee covering half a month.

Security, monitoring, support and the guarantee that exchange rates are up to date are the main reasons why users choose iQurrency. Our users are willing to pay for this service because it involves financial data. If anything goes wrong in this process, it can lead to major losses and problems.

Creating an iQurrency account is done within minutes.

Creating an account is free of charge. You will not be charged until your payment information is entered, an accounting system is linked and the free one-month trial period has expired.

You can easily link your own accounting system to iQurrency. Our linking wizard will guide you through the steps below. This can be completed within a few minutes.

  1. Log in with your email address and password
  2. Link you accounting software (Twinfield or Exact). This requires you to give permission from your accounting software for iQurrency to read in the currency exchange rates.
  3. Activate your accounting system(s). After linking the accounting software, your accounting systems are visible in iQurrency. You can activate them with the click of a button.
  4. All you have to do now is select the currencies to be read in. The currencies you work with are automatically displayed.

Now you no longer need to manually update your currency exchange rates. As of the next business day, exchange rates are automatically updated.

Should you have any issues with implementing the link, our support staff will be happy to assist you – free of charge. Please contact us using with this form or send an email to

Yes, you can. We can read in exchange rates up to decades back. In practice, it is rarely necessary to revert to exchange rates from years ago. However, we frequently receive requests to update exchange rates for retroactive application of the rates as per 1 January. Our smart software enables you to do this. However, this requires some help from our consultants. Would you like to take advantage of this service? Please contact us for a proposal.

Cancelling your subscription is very easy. In your iQurrency environment, go to Change Package and click Cancel. No notice period applies and the service is discontinued immediately. You pay only for the days you used iQurrency.

The statistical daily exchange rates are read in from ECB and Open Exchange Rates (OER).

Within your own iQurrency environment, you can specify in each accounting system and for each currency whether you want to use the ECB or OER rates.

The exchange rates below can be read through iQurrency into your Twinfield or Exact online accounting. These include all exchange rates from the ECB and Open Exchange Rates (OER).

iQurrency uses the statistical daily exchange rates of the ECB and Open Exchange Rates (OER). These are set at the end of a business day by the ECB and Open Exchange Rates. The next day (early morning), all rates are automatically updated in iQurrency. Thus, the rate (historical daily rate) of the previous business day is applied. See table below.

The exchange rates in iQurrency are 100% correct and monitored through daily automatic checks. We use automated exchange rates from the ECB and Open Exchange Rates. We have not detected any differences. Should errors arise, it will be on the side of the ECB or Open Exchange Rates. Fortunately, this is very rare.

This substantially lowers the risk of incorrect rates with iQurrency compared to manual entry.

No, only historical daily exchange rates can be linked.

iQurrency is an online service that automatically updates currency exchange rates daily in Twinfield and Exact accounting systems.

Currently, iQurrency works only for the accounting softwares Twinfield and Exact. If you want to link a different accounting software application, please inquire about our custom solutions.

This can be done either manually or automated by linking to the ECB or the OER. 

Working with an automatic link is easy with iQurrency. This is an online service that automatically updates currency exchange rates daily in Twinfield and Exact accounting systems.

By using an automatic link, this process is fast and error-free.

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No, iQurrency does not affect the speed of your accounting software. You only notice the presence of iQurrency by the presence of daily currency exchange rates.