iQurrency: user-friendly and cost-saving.

In conversation with Leandro Garcia; Client Director/Manager Finance Corporate Expansion Trustmoore. 

At Trustmoore, we work almost exclusively for international clients, so we deal with many fluctuating exchange rates daily. This process is well automated with software from iQurrency. As a result, we prevent human entry errors and save many valuable hours of time. I call iQurrency “straightforward
software program”. It does what it needs to do in a user-friendly way; correct, fast, and up to date with about 200 exchange rates daily.

When activities can be automated, we are the first to do so. With iQurrency, we eliminate human

Yet, iQurrency is more than just a handy tool for us. The relationship with the developers is at the level of a valuable partnership. They take the initiative to enrich the software continuously, but they also listen to our practical needs. And not just listen, but also implement. A great example of their initiative is the recent adjustment of the currency values used by the Polish National Bank, thereby excluding the standard ECB rates. By proactively addressing this process, unnecessary work and time loss are avoided. You could say that iQurrency also acts as a financial sounding board for us in that respect.

By involving iQurrency more in our specific needs around currency rates, the bond between both companies will become stronger. This fits seamlessly into our vision, where we prefer to collaborate with involved partner companies, rather than distant suppliers.