Adjust the Yuan (CNY) exchange rate in Exact Online

Check out the 3 ways

If you trade with China, it is important that the current Yuan exchange rate is available in your administration. Up-to-date currency rates contribute to the reliability of financial information and are essential when making decisions.

We give you 3 options.

The First way

Read in the CNY / GBP exchange rate via an automatic link

Read the GBP Yuan rate without having to worry about it? Choose to automatically import exchange rates. Reading in is easy with the automatic connection of iQurrency. This online service automatically updates exchange rates in Twinfield and Exact Online administrations on a daily basis without having to import a file.

Watch the 2 minutes explenation video

The second way

Manually adjust the Yuan in Exact Online

If you have not yet created the Yuan (CNY) in your administration, do this first. You do this by navigating to the exchange rate screen in Exact Online. This can be done through the following steps: Financial > Analysis and results > Currencies > Exchange rates. Here you choose option new.

The Third way

Import CNY (Yuan) in Exact Online

Every day, the ECB and the OER provide xml files with the current exchange rates. It is possible to import these rates via an XML file.